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EarthBox® | Homegrown Vegetables Without A Garden

Earthbox Education

As homeschoolers, we’re lucky that we get to investigate and explore whatever CJ gets interested in. Besides the tech stuff, we like doing things to help the environment and keep ourselves healthy.

The artificial colors and flavors in food and medicine can actually make ADD and ADHD symptoms worse!
Sadly, most of the food we buy today is processed. They have too many chemicals and the vitamins and minerals have been sucked out. We wind up with stomach’s full of nothing. Then we wonder why we are tired, feel sick, and our minds just can’t seem to think right!

We live out in the country but our place is surrounded by oil and gas wells. Penny the Webmom used to work for an oilfield company and she knows they plug wells by pumping nasty stuff down and then “capping” them.

We may be rural but not even we are safe. That stuff gets in our water and into our food just the same as if someone had sprayed pesticide on it.


Eating organically is considered the best way to stay healthy and as close to the natural food cycle as possible. The biggest reason why most families don’t do this is because it can get expensive to buy Certified Organic food.

The other alternative is to grow your own produce, raise your own meat, and cut out all the extra processing most grocery store food stuffs have.

Except, that’s complicated, right? I mean, you have to have a green thumb and know a lot about plants, soil, fertilizers, pest control products, …

Actually, it can be a lot easier than most of us think!

EarthBox® | Homegrown Vegetables Without A Garden

The EarthBox® support curriculum structure intentionally and substantially increases student understanding of the science behind light, soil, water, plants and nutrition from grade level to grade level. Pre school students grow plants from seeds in their classroom to learn about the life cycle and the interconnectivity of plants, light, water, soil and nutrition.

Elementary students learn scientific principles behind light, water, soil, plants and nutrition and middle school students perform science-based experimental activities that develop critical thinking skills. High School students perform authentic scientific experiments.

The EarthBox® can work for everyone. It’s easy to get organic seeds and soil at your local gardening supply or hardware store. Then you can grow your own organic veggies in an apartment or outside in the yard and not worry about digging holes or what was in that dirt before your seeds.

It may be part of our homeschool science curriculum but we still think it’s really cool to say, “I grew that!” and know we’re eating a bit better.

Have fun, stay safe, and God bless,
CJ and Penny