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10 Pre-Teen Entrepreneurs Make Millions More Than Their Parents

We’re always on the lookout for Awesome Kids to profile. Kids who are doing things no one imagined they would, inspiring other kids to go out and conquer their world.

One group of Awesome Kids are kids we like to call “Kidpreneurs”. Kids who became successful entrepreneurs (or kids who want to be!).

Of course, when we ran across a list of “10 Pre-Teen Entrepreneurs Make Millions More Than Their Parents”, you know we just had to share!

While this article doesn’t go into much depth on the kids they are spotlighting, it does give a nice general overview of what it takes to succeed.

Have fun, stay safe, and God bless,
CJ and Penny

The "Eh-Eh" Meow

Our cats are the masters of the “eh-eh” meow. Otherwise known as the “I’m going to die RIGHT NOW if you don’t feed me (again)” meow.

Kitana, our 14-year-old, was the original Queen of the Eh Eh until the other cats discovered it has magical powers. Now they ALL use it. Except for Stardust (former wild ranch cat). She turned it into the Croaking Whisper. Sometimes you see her mouth move and no sound comes out!

Yes, we’ve learned our lesson. It’s a scam! Our visitors on the other hand, well …

A friend of CJ’s recently came over and said we should “buy big bags of cat food” because the poor, pregnant cats were really hungry.

Um, none of them are pregnant. We spay/neuter our cats. That chunky black one? He’s CJ’s male kitten, Shadow. :)

What does your cat do to try to get more treats?

Have fun, stay safe, and God bless,
CJ and Penny

We Love Our Facebook Fans!

It’s been a while since we’ve recorded an update but we somehow managed to keep this one short and sweet. =)

If we’re honest, it’s short because we could only drop hints about what’s coming up.

Stuff like:

  • Online costume store review (just in time for Halloween!)
  • Return of the Gift Card Giveaway (want some free cash?)
  • The Fun Zone (almost ready for prime time!)
  • 3 “Top Secret” projects with LIVE WebTV launches.
  • Other stuff we couldn’t even hint about.

There’s no way were going to forget our fabulous Facebook fans though! We love you all and thank you for sticking with us.

Have fun, stay safe, and God bless,
CJ and Penny