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Pebbles Can Change The World

For the last two weeks, our homeschool discussions have been about respect and rebellion. We’ve been looking at the stories of King David, King Solomon and the various people of the Old Testament.

It was really surprising to discover that we aren’t really that different from our “ancient” ancestors at all! Sure, our technology is something they probably didn’t even know they could wish for. The practice of medicine sure has improved too!

Yet, we are all still people. We work to provide for our families, we go to school, laugh, cry, and put our pants on one leg at a time. There are even times when it seems that we could have written King David’s Psalms ourselves! (If we’d have thought of them first.)

Many scientists say we must look to the past to see what our future holds because history repeats itself. Where does the past end though? Is it yesterday? Two hundred years ago? Two thousand or more?

Then comes the tricky part: which part of history should we rewrite and who should do the rewriting when, realistically, we won’t all agree?

After torturing our brains with all those questions, we realized something:

We all just need to be the best person we can be!

Like a pebble thrown into a lake, our actions will ripple out and change our world, one person at a time.

Have fun and stay safe,
CJ and the Webmom





Training Kallie

This Superstar Saturday, we’re showcasing an awesome video from our friend, cattledogsandmutts. In case you weren’t sure, that isn’t her real name! =)

If you already have a dog or if you plan to adopt a puppy, you know that training is so important. Just like us, if dogs don’t learn the rules, they can get themselves (and us!) into trouble.

Take a peek at our friend’s training session with her Red Heeler puppy, Kallie. Then follow her on YouTube. She’s always uploading some great stuff!

Have fun and stay safe,
CJ and the Webmom








Brain Power

Kids, we don’t recommend trying these but if you are going to test these anyway,
please, for the love of all that is good, get your parents’ permission first!


Some interesting facts about your brain:

  • It’s more active when you sleep.
  • It uses about 10 watts of power to function.
  • It needs 20 percent of the oxygen and calories your body requires.
  • It is 80% water.

No wonder doctors tell us we to eat right, drink a lot of water and get enough sleep! We know we feel better when we do but now we know our brain works better that way too!

We found these tidbits at The Nurse Nut.

If you have any weird but true facts you’d like to share, send them in!

Have fun and stay safe,
CJ and the Webmom