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Car Seat Safety: Which Seat Is Right For Your Baby?

You know those cute but sometimes annoying commercials that talk about how a lot of parents don’t know they are… Continue reading »

Monopoly | Hasbro

Monopoly: Family Friendly Or Nasty Competition? Dun Dun DUN!!!

Imagine you are playing a fun game of monopoly with your family and friends then, boom! It becomes a nasty, cutthroat… Continue reading »

Stop Those Evil Glass Cracks Of Doom! | CJ's Kids Club

Stop Those Evil Glass Cracks Of Doom!

Good morning, fabulous friends! Today is Tuesday, June 17, 2014. (19 Sivan Sivan – Tammuz, 5774). Today in History 653 – St Martin I ends his… Continue reading »

A Zombie Ant Is Born! (media) | CJ's Kids Club

A Zombie Ant Is Born!

Brains, brains! That is what we hear the shriveled up, misshapen, Hollywood creatures crying out for. Sometimes creepy, sometimes funny,… Continue reading »


Using Artificial DNA To Create New Life

Having Spidey powers sounds like a great thing until you start to think about how he got those powers. A… Continue reading »

From Hero To Zero: The Downfall Of A Breed | CJ's Kids Club

From Hero To Zero: The Downfall Of A Breed

Imagine you are famous and loved by everyone. It’s fabulous! Everyone wants to spend time with you, you get all… Continue reading »

"Tyrannosaurus Rex Holotype" by ScottRobertAnselmo

Breathing Life Back Into Extinct Plants And Animals

Bringing back extinct plants and animals – especially those we humans killed off – sounds like a gift from God…. Continue reading »